Avoid Custom Label Mistakes When Designing Your Label

Even well thought-out custom label designs that look perfect on your computer screen can fall victim to printing issues that affect the quality of the final product. From using too many colors to fonts that are hard to read, there are ways to avoid custom label mistakes that ensure your print will come out as clean and professional as possible.

Common Custom Label Mistakes

Some of the most common custom label mistakes you will want to avoid include the following:

    • Bad Font Color: When you choose the color for your font, pick something that contrasts naturally with the background without being straining on the eyes. Using one simple color for your type such as black against a pale background or white against a dark background is ideal for your font to remain prominent and legible.
    • Complex Fonts: You do not want people struggling to read the words incorporated into your label design, which is why using a safe, neutral font like Helvetica is the best way to go. Most of the letters’ lines are strictly horizontal and vertical, making the font readable up close, at a distance or while in motion.
    • Blurry Imagery: One of the most basic and annoying custom label mistakes you can avoid is blurry imagery. Using vector images will give you the cleanest print possible as they can be resized to ANY dimension without diluting the resolution of the picture. If you cannot use a vector image, make sure your .jpgs, .pngs and other file types have a DPI of AT LEAST 300 to get the best quality for your label.
    • Overcomplicated Design: Simplicity is key when working with the limited space on a custom label for bottled water. Avoid busy backgrounds, minimize the number of fonts you use, and utilize a font size that is proportionate to the amount of information you wish to relay . Following these tips will help convey the theme or purpose of your label more effectively and make a unique, lasting impression to those who encounter it.

Custom Label Design with Alexa Springs

At Alexa Springs, we make it easy for you to create a custom label directly from our website using our virtual design tool, or, if you prefer us to create it for you, you can send us your logo and we will design a custom proof FREE OF CHARGE. There are no setup fees or plate charges whatsoever, and we can ship to ANYWHERE in the United States from our 7 convenient shipping locations. Our bottled water comes from our natural spring in Arkansas and tastes great, has a high natural mineral content and is of the highest purity available.

Contact Alexa Springs today to learn more about how easy and affordable it is to market your business effectively with custom label bottled water.

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