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Bottled Water With Your Company Logo

Bottled Water With Your Company Logo

Do you need a supplier for Bottled Water With Your Company Logo? We guarantee the highest quality of natural spring bottled water for sale. Other natural spring bottled water brands use tanker trucks from multiple sources to get their supply, which can lead to an increased risk of contamination as well as altered taste from disinfectant chemicals like chlorine. We rigorously test our product so your natural spring bottled water is filled with only the purest H20 on the planet. Learn more about our online ordering process today.


Why Bottle Your Brand with Alexa Springs?

Promotional Water Bottles are an affordable and easy way to promote your brand. Whether it is for a fund raiser, automotive dealership, restaurant or any other type of business, personalized label natural spring bottled water is a walking billboard to effectively promote your company or event. Use our online tool to create your unique bottled water label.

Our spring water has a rich mineral content with a TDS (total dissolved solids) of 142 ppb (parts per billion). This results in an absolute crisp, refreshing taste that could only come from nature itself.
Our bottling line utilizes an automated high speed output to fill, cap, label and package our natural spring bottled water with custom labels at a rate of 400 per minute using only machines. This manufacturing process ensures our product is completely untouched by man.
Our natural spring bottled water for sale has a reduced plastic content of 13.2 grams (30% reduction). Our bottles are non-toxic, non-hazardous and fully recyclable.

Our Filtration Process

Our custom labeled natural spring bottled water is filtered and tested on site for quality standards. Samples are further tested through an independent laboratory to confirm the water you are drinking is of the highest purity.


Spring Bottled Water Filteration Process

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