Purified Water versus Spring Water

The Differences Between Purified Versus Spring Water

purified versus spring water
Many people often wonder what the difference is between purified and spring water. They also often wonder which one is better to have in their bottled water. Below we have provided an overview of the differences found between these two types of water.

Purified Water

The term purified water comes from the fact that the water is carbon or micron filtered and then processed through reversed osmosis. While in reverse osmosis only the purest water molecules are collected while impurities are filtered out and discarded. The result is a pure water that is safe for consumption.

While purified water is safe for consumption, it comes from tap water before being filtered. Because tap water is the source of filtered water it often lacks a refreshing taste.

Spring Water

Spring water is the most natural form of water. Spring water comes from a natural underground source from which water rises naturally to the surface. The name spring water comes from this underwater source which is called a spring. Springs exist all throughout the United States are the most natural way to obtain water.

At Alexa Springs, our spring water comes directly from a private spring in Arkansas that is located in Ouachita national forest. Like purified water we then filter our spring water to ensure that it is safe to drink. Our spring water goes through a multitude of filtration steps to help ensure that all impurities have been removed.

The major difference between purified versus spring water is the taste. Because spring water comes directly from a natural source, it has a very refreshing flavor.

Which is Better — Spring Water or Purified Water?

While both spring water and purified water are safe for consumption, purified water is missing the same fresh taste that spring water contains. At Alexa Springs, we use only spring water in our bottled water. The reason we use spring water is to ensure the freshest flavor for our customers. If you are interested in fresh spring bottled water with custom labels, contact us online today!

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