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Custom Label Water Bottles For Your Business Or Celebration

Custom label water bottles can power your celebrations or business marketing to a new level.  Alexa Springs sets the standard in labeled bottled water. Our unique labels created by our in-house design team are the perfect way to personalize an event, promote your business, or leave a lasting impression among your guests. 

At Alexa Springs we believe in delivering labeled bottled water with unmatched designs and quality. We have custom label water bottles for weddings, birthday parties, showers and corporate events. If you are planning a corporate party, wedding, or large-scale event, custom promotional water bottles are a refreshing change of pace from other giveaways and favors. They will satisfy your audiences’ thirst while promoting your brand or event. We carry a variety of bottles in different sizes and shapes so you can pick the perfect one. 

Custom Label Water Bottles Alexa Springs

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Why Choose Alexa Springs For Your Water Bottles With Custom Labels?

Not only do we provide you with exquisite labels, but we also fill our eco-friendly bottles with the best water you can get anywhere on earth — and we bottle our water at the source. Our protected springs are burrowed in the Ouachita National Forest near the tiny town of Mount Ida, Arkansas. We also bottle at our protected springs in North Powder, Oregon, filtered through the Elkhorn Mountains surrounded by pine and juniper forests.

We provide the finest branded water bottles on the market filled with top-quality, pure spring water that is filtered and tested on-site for quality standards. Samples are further tested through an independent laboratory to confirm the water you are drinking is of the highest purity. 

Other companies use cheaper labels with poor adhesion capabilities that can come off when wet — not what you want on a water bottle. We use the highest quality customized labels on eco-friendly bottles and filled with the best water you can get, all at an unbelievably affordable price

At Alexa Springs, we also take customer service as seriously as we take our water, bottles and labels. We won’t be happy if you’re not thrilled with the results.

No Logo? No Art? No Problem!

Our in-house art department will work with you to come up with a design you will love and that conveys the message you are trying to communicate. We also have a variety of water bottle label templates. Whether you use these labels for a baby shower, birthday, anniversary or wedding, the bottled water will be a hit. You can choose from dozens of styles in a variety of categories. 

The design team at Alexa Springs will create fabulous labels with a photo or logo that you upload. We can design everything for you from scratch or incorporate your art and design ideas. 

And when it comes to shipping, we are lightning-fast. We have distribution centers across the U.S. — Texas, where we are headquartered; Arkansas and Oregon, where we also bottle our water; and Pennsylvania, California and Illinois.

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