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Custom Labeled Bottled Water For Car Dealerships


Do you own a car dealership and are looking for a new way to make people aware of your brand? At Alexa Springs, we sell Custom Labeled Bottled Water For Car Dealerships. We work with a variety of car dealerships who use our custom labeled bottled water to market their dealership to potential buyers. We also find that quite a few of our dealerships use the water for community outreach, e.g. School donations, local booster club support, and even donating the water for local charity runs.

Everyone loves the fresh taste of water especially when they are out and about searching for a new car.   Give your potential customers a good first impression of your dealership by handing them fresh bottled water with your logo on it.  Handing your customers custom labeled bottled water will give them an even more positive perspective of your brand which leads to more sales!

Labels our customers have designed

Here are a few labels our car dealership clients have designed for their business:

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Ordering custom labeled bottled water for car dealerships online is easy. Just design your artwork on our site or email us directly with your artwork specifications. Once we create the artwork for your label, we will send it to you for review. Once approved your custom labeled bottled water will be created, packaged and shipped to your door. Contact us today with any additional questions you may have!

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