Creative Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles

On average, the United States alone goes through nearly 2,000 plastic bottles EVERY SECOND, with a majority of those bottles ending up in a landfill despite the numerous recycling programs available. Even if you are a conscientious recycler, there are still more creative ways to reuse water bottles that are easy to do and noticeably reduce the amount of plastic waste you generate.

Here are a few Do It Yourself project ideas that reuse plastic bottles:

Water Bottle Bird Feeder

Crafting a bird feeder out of a water bottle can be a fun activity for yourself or your kids that gives you a chance to look at wildlife up close. You can construct the feeder in just under an hour and fill it with a variety of seeds and berries that will have birds of all kinds stopping by for a treat.

Watch the video below to see how you can assemble your own water bottle bird feeder in just a few easy steps using common household items.

Garden Irrigation System

Making a homemade garden lawn sprinkler is one of the many creative ways to reuse water bottles that can save you money on purchasing an actual sprinkler head. All you will need is a plastic bottle, a thumb tack, some insulation tape and a garden hose to get things started. Following directions from the video below, you will need to poke a line of holes down the sides of the bottle using the thumb tack, fix the garden hose to the water bottle using insulation tape and place the sprinkler down in the area you wish to water.

Once you are done, simply turn on the tap and watch it go!

Seed Starter

One of the most creative ways to reuse water bottles is to transform them into self-watering seed starters. This is an inexpensive method to grow outdoor plants indoors during the harsh winter months in a container that will maintain the proper moisture levels without the need to be continuously watered. This takes the guesswork out of your gardening and your plants will thrive in their new makeshift environment — just make sure they are able to get enough sunlight!

Alexa Springs

At Alexa Springs, we encourage you to use your creative side not only in how to make things from plastic bottles, but also when you design your own private label for our bottled water. Private-label custom bottled water is a great way to promote your brand or upcoming event, and our intuitive design tool lets you create a custom label to see what your bottle will look like before it goes into production. Contact Alexa Springs today learn more about our different bottle types and see what model will work best for your advertising needs.


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