How to Choose Bottle Label Templates for Your Labeling Solutions

Done right, promotional items can boost brand identity and recognition in the market. However, if you still have a generic natural spring bottled water label on those water bottles you stock up on at the office, then you’re missing a prime opportunity to market your brand and business. Read on for tips on how you can resolve this by choosing bottle label templates that work for your project:

Create your own

Already have a label design or logo in mind? If your in-house team of creatives have already come up with the perfect logo, then forming a partnership with a company like Alexa Springs might just be the perfect solution for you. With three available bottle label templates, you have options to choose the best for your business.

Find a supplier

As a Specialty Labels maker, the company offers FREE Label design. You can easily Request a Free Spec Sample. The company also provides services to Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Chambersburg, PA, North Powder, OR. and Medley, FL so if you’re in any of these areas, you’ll be covered. With 7 strategic bottling locations, shipping is fast and economical. That’s another advantage for you.

Plan your events

If your company provides catering services, you can also partner up with a bottled water supplier to provide personalized natural spring bottled water label options to your clients. These are certain to be a hit at weddings, says Woman Getting Married or at birthdays parties and other types of celebrations.

Make the holidays special

Holidays are fun times for the retail world. Whether that’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Halloween, you can use personalized bottled water to promote your holiday offers and discounts. With different label templates, you can experiment and choose different ones for different occasions or products. These labels don’t just promote the holidays, they make the buying experience much more fun and festive for your customers, which increases their likelihood to buy some more or to keep coming back. That’s an excellent way to rack up repeat customers for your business.

Choose the right labeling solution

With personalized labels that come in different sizes and styles, you can look forward to providing different clients with whatever labeling solution they need. Whether you run a catering firm, a restaurant or any other business that needs to promote services/products to your target market, adding custom made water bottles to your list of promotional items might just be what you need.

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