The Power of Branding: 5 Tips for Customizing Your Products for Brand Visibility

If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow, chances are you’ve left with a bag full of freebies that you probably tossed into your closet, never to be seen again.

Let’s face it; many customized products miss the mark. However, some companies pull off polished customized products that are usable for years and promote their brand flawlessly.

Creating awesome customized products to promote your brand may seem daunting, but it’s doable with the right information.

Check out our five tips below to learn more about the power of branding through customized products and how to create your own!

1. Use Quality Materials

If you plan on creating customized products that your recipients will actually use and appreciate, invest in well-made products. A flimsy bag or a pen that runs out of ink after the first couple uses isn’t worth spending money on.

Remember: your customized products are a reflection of your business. Offering high-quality, customized products will make you stand out in a sea of free mousepads and frisbees.

2. Edible Branding: Creating Consumable Products

If you’re customizing products to make your brand more visible, consider using edible products. It’s a sure-fire way to guarantee your freebies won’t be tossed to the side.

Water bottles are an easy product to customize, and you can order them in a variety of sizes.

Everyone needs water, and it’s the perfect parting gift for potential clients who have been going booth to booth at a marketing event or tradeshow. It’s a simple and effective product to print your logo and relevant information on.

Single-serving candy is another good edible option. The wrappers make a good canvas for logos, especially if you want something that will give you an extra pop of color!

3. Campaigning with Products

A great way to tack on some additional marketing through your products is through a social media campaign.

When giving away or selling your customized products, provide the recipients with an incentive to post pics of the products on their Facebook or Instagram feed. And, ask them to include a hashtag unique to your brand or to tag your company in the post.

You can host a mini-giveaway or simply choose a winner to promote on your own page. Regardless, you’ll have added exposure as the recipients show off the customized products to their followers as well!

4. The Power of Branding Through Practicality

When customizing products, it’s essential to choose practical items. The power of branding is more effective when it’s on a product that a client or partner can use regularly.

If you’re at a loss, consider items you use daily.

Coffee mugs, drawstring and tote bags, and umbrellas are all great picks because they can be used multiple times and in a pinch. If the recipient uses the item every day, your brand and logo will become a permanent fixture in their routine.

5. Displaying an Effective Logo

It’s important that you’re consistent if you plan on creating more than one kind of customized product. This means you shouldn’t alter your logo and the overall design for your products, even if one is a water bottle, and the other is a backpack.

You will also want a logo that isn’t similar to another popular brand’s because you don’t want to be mistaken for another company. Choose something that is unique but simple enough to be easily recognized from product to product.

Successful Branding

Customizing products is a great way to expand brand awareness.

The power of branding can’t be understated—becoming a familiar name and face in your community and industry is key to growing as a business. The tips above will help you as you create your own customized products!

For more articles on customized products or to learn how to create your own customized water bottles, check out the rest of our site!

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