Purified Water versus Spring Water

The Differences Between Purified Versus Spring Water Many people often wonder what the difference is between purified and spring water. They also often wonder which one is better to have in their bottled water. Below we have provided an overview of the differences found between these two types of water. Purified Water The term purified [...]

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Why Custom Labeled Bottled Water Is a Powerful Branding Tool

Branding your company with custom-labeled bottled water is a memorable and incredibly cost-effective way to get your business’ name out there. Giving out bottles of water with customized labels isn’t a new practice as you’ve probably already received or seen bottles that include information about local and national companies. What you might not have realized [...]

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Top Ten Ways Businesses Use Custom-Labeled Bottled Water

The drive to advertise effectively has motivated many businesses to invest in custom labeled bottled water through companies like Alexa Springs. We create specialized bottled water labels that can improve branding, build reputation, support nonprofits and much more. With all of the marketing opportunities custom labeled bottled water provides, let’s take a look at the top 10 ways [...]

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Common Facts About Water

Water is one of the most important resources in the world, and even though the earth is composed mostly of it (71%, to be exact), H20 is a surprisingly finite resource. Less than 1% of the total water supply is actually usable by humans. With its limited availability in mind, let’s take a look at [...]

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