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At Alexa Springs, we offer affordable custom bottled water labels for sale with sizes ranging from 12 fl. oz to 1 liter with multiple color options and label paper types to help build your brand. Our inexpensive custom bottled water labels for companies are the perfect way to advertise your business by putting your logo and message on a practical item that consumers want and use. Create your own custom label using our virtual tool or contact us today to let us help you create the perfect custom label for your business.

16.9oz Standard Water Bottles

16.9oz Standard Bottles

Our most cost-effective bottle complete with 2 color options

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16oz Heavy Water Bottles

16oz Heavy Bottles

Heavier plastic build with a smooth label panel for clear logos

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16.9oz Bullet Water Bottles

16.9oz Bullet Bottles

Our premium water bottle line for a more upscale and stylish look

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12oz Water Bottles

12oz Bottles

A compact size perfect for giveaways and other events

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Bottle Your Brand™ with Alexa Springs Custom Label Bottled Water
  1. We can ship to anywhere in the U.S. as quickly as possible from our 7 shipping locations.  
  2. There are no setup fees or plate charges for designing your custom label.
  3. Choose from 4 different bottle designs - all made from top grade plastic and fully customizable.