Why Branded Bottled Water Is the Marketing Solution You Need

As a business owner, you always need fresh and creative ways to market your company and brand. You can set a new standard with potential customers and bring your business to the next level with custom branded water bottles for all your promotional needs.

Incorporating custom water bottles in your marketing plan is among the most effective and affordable ways to advertise. Branded bottled water gives brands a simple and effective way to get your message across. From sponsorships to trade shows, grand openings to special events, handing out water bottles keep your business top-of-mind in potential customers. Everyone enjoys spring water — and even more so when it is complimentary.

Custom private label spring water is growing in popularity as a simple advertising solution that gets your name in front of customers. As this trend increases, it is important for businesses to leverage it properly. The first step is to define the goal you hope to achieve with branded water bottles. Are you looking to be more involved in your community? Are you trying to boost overall brand awareness? Are you promoting a new product or service? Once your end goal is determined the marketing possibilities are endless.

Private Label Springwater: The Affordable Solution for Sustained Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of branded bottled water is that it creates a cost-effective form of mobile advertising. Unlike traditional methods of advertising, such as online ad targeting, print, radio or TV, there is no ongoing expense. The bottle literally does the leg work for you. Branded bottled water is a versatile marketing tactic for all industries and is effective for both large corporations and small businesses. Private label spring water can also be used for cross-promotions.

More people than ever carry a bottle of spring water with them wherever they go. Bottled water has replaced soda as the largest beverage category in the U.S., according to a recent report by research and consulting firm Beverage Marketing Corporation. This trend is expected to increase over the coming years. 

Branded Bottled Water Gives You Creative Control

Another benefit of branded bottled water is the ability to have complete creative control over the end product. Often advertising is filtered through a myriad of channels before it sees the light of day. This technique can sometimes devolve an idea from the original concept and in the process lower quality and standards. But with customizable water bottles you can personalize everything from the shape of the bottle, font, graphics and overall label design. A business owner can not only create the look and feel but control the brand’s personality as well.

Controlling the narrative of a brand gives a business the creative edge often needed to increase sales. With complete control, you get to decide how much or little information to include. You can create labels with everything from your logo, website and mailing address, phone number, email and slogan. You can also control how branded bottled water is distributed. Whether its included in a swag bag at a promotional event or given out freely at a festival, the options are only as narrow as your imagination.

As the market increases, producers are getting creative in order to stand out from the competition. Bottled water companies have started to change the look of their packaging in order to gain increased traction. In creating this differentiation, producers are giving businesses more options when it comes to branded bottled water. This increase in innovation allows for further customization.  

Give Back to the Community with Spring Water

Distributing branded bottled water allows you to not only invest in your business but in your neighborhood as well. One way to capitalize on this idea is to get involved in charity runs and local community events, such as barbecues, block parties and street fairs. Becoming a sponsor and handing out private label spring water to participants gives people a good feeling when it comes to your brand — especially if they are thirsty! It can create a lasting connection that leads to organic word-of-mouth marketing. It is more than advertising, allowing for group involvement and an inventive way to say thanks to your customers. 

Another way to give back to the community is to choose high-quality water like filtered natural spring water. Unfiltered water can contain harmful toxins, including trace amounts of chlorine, lead, and arsenic. Filtered bottled water eliminates the risk through on-site and private laboratory testing. It often contains trace minerals, which not only tastes better but comes with added health benefits. Giving away healthy, crisp-tasting water creates brand loyalty that goes deep. 

In addition, choosing bottles with an eco-friendly design is another benefit. It offers a way to generate a positive social impact while deepening customer loyalty. With increased concern over the use of some types of plastics, having an eco-friendly bottle is a good move for the environment and your customers. 

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