5 Branding Basics to Turn Water Bottles Into Cool Marketing Materials

There are few things on Earth as refreshing as fresh, crystal clear water.

Health authorities recommend that each adult drinks eight 8-ounce glasses or a half-gallon of water every day! Plus, depending on how active you are, what your diet is like, or where you live geographically, that number could be even more!

But when you think about your business, how can you be sure that you’re advertising to people in a way that they will be receptive, and possibly even appreciative of what you have to offer?

Bottled water is an incredibly useful tool to advertise to any audience because everyone needs water to survive.

Read on to learn some branding basics to make the most of this advertising opportunity of a lifetime!

Water Bottle Branding Basics

Branding your business is a crucial way to give people something they can tangibly relate to you and what you have to offer. Effective branding lets potential customers know what they can expect from your business and what your business can do for them.

To start, find out where your brand has been, and then refine that to see where you can go. Having a business branding plan in place will make navigating through all the different layers of the advertising world much clearer.

The foundation of your brand is your logo, but your logo and brand should be represented through branding basics like:

  • Your website and/or brick-and-mortar store
  • Any packaging you provide
  • All promotional materials

That third piece is where you can start to get creative and try out innovative approaches, like branded water bottles!

7 Successful Branding Tips

Before you get started with bottling your brand, here are some tips to get you off on the right foot:

  1. Refine or create your logo to make sure it’s strong enough to stand on its own
  2. Weave in your branding wherever possible, like how you answer the phone, what you wear, etc.
  3. Develop a killer tagline for your brand
  4. Be true to your brand and what it represents
  5. Consistently market your brand to your target audience
  6. Integrate your brand wherever possible
  7. Refine your brands “voice” and use it whenever and wherever you can

Learning how to brand a product can be tricky, but it’s a useful tool for creating returning customers and introducing new customers to your style in an easily digestible way.

How Can You Bottle Your Brand?

So, what does bottle your brand mean?

It means wrapping your brand around a water bottle with a label that represents your brand, your store, or whatever you want to promote.

You can choose the perfect water bottle style that suits your aesthetic, design the label with this easy-to-use template to represent whatever you want, and then distribute them to the thirsty and grateful masses.

Contact us today to start working on your branding basics and see the incredible difference it can make for your company!

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